We help you be smart in giving and investing. Align your money and values.

Catalytic Women offers education, tools and training to donors, investors and advisors who want to align money and values. We empower individuals to engage in social impact investing, gender lens opportunities and strategic giving.

Why women? Simple answer.

Women now own 51% of stock and 60% of private wealth in the US, and will be disproportionately affected by the generational transfer of wealth. Women are the fastest growing demographic of wealth, make values-based financial decisions, and determine most charitable gifts.

Women own most assets in the U.S. and women make financial decisions differently.

Founded in San Francisco in 2011, Catalytic Women has hosted dozens of online and offline events and trainings in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Boston. Through education and training, we use social impact as a lever to build financial confidence and create change in our world. Our name recognizes women’s leadership in financial decisions. Our content and expertise absolutely apply equally to women and men who influence wealth, as well as the trusted financial and philanthropic advisors who work with them.

Mel_Nov13Melanie Hamburger

Melanie Hamburger founded Catalytic Women to change how billions of dollars of capital flow to social solutions. Engaging women’s wealth and financial confidence is the key to democratizing access to philanthropy and mainstreaming impact investing.

She is a passionate, tenacious visionary focused on mobilizing individuals who want to align values and money—at any level of wealth. Philanthropy is not about million-dollar gifts or legacy giving, and ordinary investors should be able to invest with social impact.

As the author of Making Micro Mighty: Impact Investing with $20-$5,000, Melanie enjoys speaking and blogging on the influential role that women now play as majority asset owners in the U.S. Her specific expertise is giving, impact investing and creating impact with a gender lens. As a major gift officer, she helped connect local, regional and global nonprofits with leaders in business and philanthropy. Melanie’s expertise spans nonprofit fundraising for The Nature Conservancy, brand management for Procter and Gamble, and corporate finance for Levi Strauss and Co.

Her own children are a reminder of the legacy she wishes to create. Melanie holds a BA cum laude from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She and her family live in Mill Valley, California.

Email Melanie at [email protected].