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5 Reasons to Talk Politics this Thanksgiving

After the elections I have a different view about politics being taboo at family celebrations. This Thanksgiving, I can think of 5 good reasons to talk politics. For as vocal as I can be, I avoid political discussions like the plague. This is especially true when large numbers of relatives and friends huddle in tight quarters where […]

Davos and Social Impact

The World Economic Forum at Davos is a lens for us to see what really improves the lives of billions across the planet. One topic is economic growth and social inclusion, and there’s little doubt that the one-percenters attending have the capacity to achieve both. Maybe our progress is hampered by the traditional notions of philanthropy, social inclusion and impact—and a broken nonprofit model.

Nonprofits worthy of support

Despite our good intentions, annual gifts to charity often wait until the very last minute (as defined by the IRS for this year’s tax deduction): December 31. Thanks to online giving, this isn’t a problem—and our list of highly recommended nonprofit organizations that we’ve culled from the experts should make the job easier when you’re feeling pressed for time.

Campaign Season

I’m thinking a lot about campaigns. Not the kind for next month’s election but, rather, the kind with a personal call to action. Last month, two prominent women launched campaigns to raise awareness for funding issues related to women and girls: #AllinforHer and #HeforShe.