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Expert Interview: Suzanne Skees on Democratizing Giving

Our July interview profiled Suzanne Skees, Director of the Skees Family Foundation and a member of our Advisory Board. Taking philanthropy out of the realm of the uber wealthy and telling the true stories of (not so) ordinary donors that really make most charitable gifts—democratizing access to meaningful social impact—is her vision. And ours.

Expert Interview: Kat Rosqueta on High Impact Philanthropy

Our June interview for Catalytic Women profiled Kat Rosqueta, Executive Director of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of our Advisory Board. CW: What are some emerging trends that you see in high impact philanthropy that excite you? KR: It’s not so much that we see trends […]

Many for One: Aligning Time, Money and Values

More and more I find myself working seven days a week. Since I have a strong value of protecting personal time or “family time” – however we might choose to define it – I’m mindful not to send work emails on evenings and weekends. Yet I don’t hold myself to the same standard. My willingness […]