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Campaign Season

I’m thinking a lot about campaigns. Not the kind for next month’s election but, rather, the kind with a personal call to action. Last month, two prominent women launched campaigns to raise awareness for funding issues related to women and girls: #AllinforHer and #HeforShe.

Drinking from the Fire Hose that is SOCAP

This week, the largest gathering of social impact entrepreneurs, nonprofits, investors and philanthropists met in San Francisco. In its seventh year, SoCap is now 2,500 strong. Normally, we’re publishing our Social Impact Update the first week of the month, but the discussion at SOCAP has been so vibrant, so optimistic, so solution oriented and so filled with […]

Are You Leaving Your Mark?

As a female business woman and giver at heart, I started small when it came to philanthropic work. I was first asked to be Class agent of my 1996 boarding school class at The Gunnery School in Connecticut not too long after graduation, which simply meant to call my classmates and ask for donations to […]

Fashioning the Right Lens

For the past 3 or 4 years, I have been wrapped up in what has become known as “Gender Lens Investing.” The definitions of this space are far-ranging and diverse; the caption “making investment decisions with awareness of a set of gendered dynamics” tends to capture them all. This movement, which is bringing together the […]