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Campaign Season

I’m thinking a lot about campaigns. Not the kind for next month’s election but, rather, the kind with a personal call to action. Last month, two prominent women launched campaigns to raise awareness for funding issues related to women and girls: #AllinforHer and #HeforShe.

Drinking from the Fire Hose that is SOCAP

This week, the largest gathering of social impact entrepreneurs, nonprofits, investors and philanthropists met in San Francisco. In its seventh year, SoCap is now 2,500 strong. Normally, we’re publishing our Social Impact Update the first week of the month, but the discussion at SOCAP has been so vibrant, so optimistic, so solution oriented and so filled with […]

Gender Lens … or Binoculars?

This month I’m thinking a lot about Gender Lens investments. But in my mind it’s more than a single lens … it’s gender binoculars. I see two ways to leverage capital towards investments that benefit women, girls and communities around the globe. The first is defined very clearly by Criterion Institute: invest in companies that have women in […]