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Davos and Social Impact

The World Economic Forum at Davos is a lens for us to see what really improves the lives of billions across the planet. One topic is economic growth and social inclusion, and there’s little doubt that the one-percenters attending have the capacity to achieve both. Maybe our progress is hampered by the traditional notions of philanthropy, social inclusion and impact—and a broken nonprofit model.

Drinking from the Fire Hose that is SOCAP

This week, the largest gathering of social impact entrepreneurs, nonprofits, investors and philanthropists met in San Francisco. In its seventh year, SoCap is now 2,500 strong. Normally, we’re publishing our Social Impact Update the first week of the month, but the discussion at SOCAP has been so vibrant, so optimistic, so solution oriented and so filled with […]

Women Are Financial Drivers for Social Impact Funding

“Women are financial drivers for social impact funding, including philanthropic giving and investment” Today I’m speaking at the California Women’s Conference. As I board my flight to LA, I’m reflecting on the generosity of people I meet through my work with women. One of them was Anne Parmer who, last month, honored me by including me […]