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Women Are Financial Drivers for Social Impact Funding

“Women are financial drivers for social impact funding, including philanthropic giving and investment” Today I’m speaking at the California Women’s Conference. As I board my flight to LA, I’m reflecting on the generosity of people I meet through my work with women. One of them was Anne Parmer who, last month, honored me by including me […]

Leadership: Top 5 Things A Catalytic Woman Can’t Forget While Traveling

Catalytic women change lives. You build companies, you invest, you donate.   Maybe some of you take care of families, or volunteer.  All of that takes initiative and leadership.  But there is another important element of being a leader that doesn’t take place in the board room, but on the way there.  For those of you […]

Philanthro-Fads: Trends in Philanthropy That Focus on the Wrong Person

We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go since we launched our family foundation to help end poverty worldwide. We’re just an ordinary middle-class family with a lot to learn. Unlike big foundations and nonprofits that drip jargon and spend fortunes, we try to remember whom we’re working for: the low-income family, the latch-key kid, […]

Fail Fast. What would Yogi do?

In 2013 I attended the Launch startup festival in San Francisco. It completely changed my mind about what Catalytic Women could be. Instead of providing philanthropic consulting and educational events, could we create scalable revenue as a for-profit social enterprise? The idea was intriguing. The answer? I’m still not sure. Thus began my journey as a […]