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Speaking on Women and Wealth

I had the good fortune to speak on The Client Connection webinar, hosted by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury and Meridith Elliott Powell. Aligning values with wealth is an effective tool to build strong client relationships—especially with women. Catalytic Women turns advisors into philanthropic experts by providing tailored content and events for financial advisors and wealth managers, and the clients you serve. I hope […]

Tools & Tactics: Understanding Nonprofit 990s

Last week I had the pleasure of hearing Jessica Prue’s vast knowledge on reviewing nonprofit financial statements to understand and interpret indicators of fiscal health, including the IRS Form 990, annual reports, balance sheets, and online tools for evaluation. In short, appearances (in dollars) may be misleading. Jessica works with the Nonprofit Finance Fund, a community development […]

Focus Your Giving in 2013

Today I got to speak with Elizabeth Share—always something I enjoy tremendously because of her wisdom and sincerity. She shared her expertise for our First Wednesday Webinar and I feel so very fortunate to know her as a friend and a member of the Catalytic Women advisory board. Elizabeth has been helping donors and nonprofits increase the impact […]

Double & Triple Bottom Line Philanthropy

Our October 2013 webinar discussion on Double/Triple Bottom Line Philanthropy explored emerging tools for high-leverage giving, answering: What are social venture philanthropy and impact  investing? Is microfinance a good use of my charitable dollars? Is there a role for a business-like approach that can maximize the return on my “investment” in philanthropy? Many new tools for giving combine […]