Venture Philanthropy

Thanks to Catalytic Women’s partnership with ImpactAssets, we can offer you something very special: the chance to give to a donor advised fund that supports impact investments. The Seed Ventures Platform is usually available for donations of $2,500 or more; by giving through Catalytic Women, you can make a tax-deductible gift beginning at just $25.

Through the Catalytic Women Seed Ventures Fund, donors can recommend investments to help grow “seed stage” impact ventures. Your donation provides capital to start or grow a social enterprise—a business that gives back through ROI + social benefit. Our nonprofit partner, ImpactAssets, identifies these ventures through impact investment industry partners, HUB Ventures and Village Capital, with plans to add others going forward.

Donate Today

Learn impact investing through your giving. Make a statement about bringing values to your investments. Make an impact. Make your gift.

Align money and values

1. Focus your giving.

We’ve just launched our first Giving Fund—Catalytic Women Seed Ventures—and hope to add more. (If your interested in another focus for a giving fund, send us an email.) This Giving Fund supports social enterprises recommended by:

  • ImpactAssets—a leader in building awareness about impact investing with their ImpactAssets 50 annual selection of private debt and equity impact investment fund managers.
  • HUB Ventures—has helped launch start-ups including Social Impact Careers, The Tower House, Turl Street Kitchen and Worthwhile.
  • Village Capital—their 2014 portfolio of social enterprises includes MoneyPool, Rimidi Diabetes, ETruClinic and WiseBanyan.

2. Donate now.

Make your tax-deductible gift at any time towards the issue you choose. Thanks to our partnership with ImpactAssets, which has waived their usual minimum donation, your gift of any amount is held in a donor-advised fund.

3. Use your giving as a path to impact investing.

Each month we’ll send an email with nonprofits that ImpactAssets, HUB Ventures and Village Capital vet. If you’ve made a gift that quarter, you get to vote for the startup that you like best. Every three months the Giving Fund will direct donations to the organizations that receive the most votes.

4. Make your cause social.

Invite friends and family through Facebook and your favorite social media. Amplify your voice by telling others about the change you want to make in the world. Together, you get to make a donation, feel connected and make a bigger difference in the world.

5. Repeat.

Keep on making an impact through the Catalytic Women Seed Ventures Fund, or tell us you’d like to create another Giving Fund!

This is a pilot test of a new model for giving together. Thanks for joining us as a way to use giving as a tool to learn about impact investing.