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Making Micro Mighty: Impact Investing with $20-$5,000

The mission of Catalytic Women is to make giving and social impact investing easy and accessible at any dollar level. Our vision is to mobilize millions of dollars towards high impact nonprofits and social enterprises because more people participate.

Looking for some great resources to make your giving and social impact investing easy? Download our free guide: Making Micro Mighty: Impact Investing with $20—$5,000. We’ve talked with leading experts and offer their suggestions on ways align values and money.

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Aligning Money and Values

The Catalytic Women community supports busy individuals who want to improve their giving experience and create meaningful social impact. Our resources focus on:

  • Understanding how to give more effectively and invest for social change.
  • Choosing effective nonprofits and the right investments when there are so many options.
  • Navigating the overwhelming amount of online resources.

Catalytic Women offers an extensive network to foster connections among donors, families, communities and experts. We’ve grateful for the talents and expertise of our Advisory Board in creating programs for social impact.

Other Programs we offer to Individuals and Advisors

Media Platform: Catalytic Women offers an online blog, YouTube channel and educational resources to amplify the impact of thousands of individuals investing for social good. We share best practices on ways to align financial decisions with personal values, making it easier to see how each of us can use our money to make a difference through investing and giving. Here’s how you can participate as a guest blogger.

Impact with a Gender Lens: We focus especially on women’s financial empowerment for three reasons: women are now majority asset owners in the U.S.; women make most giving decisions; and women want to align money and values. Women are especially curious about investments that offer both ROI and social impact.

Speaking at your Event: Melanie Hamburger is an in-demand speaker on topics related to women’s wealth, aligning money and values, philanthropy and social impact. Contact her directly at 415.999.3197 or [email protected].